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Re: [IP] the new minimed paradigm

The Paradigm will deliver in increments of 0.05u with U200 insulin this
means the insulin will come in 0.1u increments. If a person does not
need more than 150u between changes, then they can continue to use U100
insulin and take advantage of the smaller increments.
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The Paradigm WILL hold 180 Units, not 150. Read that info on their site.
If you need all of the 180 Units for a 3 to 4 day set, all you need to
do is draw up 20+ units to the reservoir and HAND prime the tubing
before you insert it into the pump and then do the prime for the lead
screw. I do this now with my 508 which holds 160 Units with the
reservoir inside of the pump ( sticking the reservoir out of pump will
give you 300 Units). By the time you prime for the the leadscrew and
cannula length, you usually have at least 157 Units left in it.
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