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[IP] Stuck at work with unstuck set!!!

I changed my softset this morning, then went running at the gym.  When I
was done, I found half the tape had come unstuck.  Checking my bg I see
the set really came out as it was 290.  Lo and behold, I took off the
set, and there was the little cannula laying against my skin.  I do have
my humalog pen today as always, so it looks like I'm using that since
going home is a looong drive in traffic.

If I remember from "Pumping Insulin" correctly, don't I give my total
basal insulin every 3 hours?  Is this right?  (I.e. since my basal
during most of the day is 0.6, I'd give 2 units with the pen every 3

In the meantime, I feel NAKED without my pump.  I miss it already.  :-(

Thanks everyone!


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