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Re: [IP] How I used my H-Tron in H20 after my boat sunk last night.


I was not sure what you wanted Disetronic to do for you (upgrade you 
to the DTron?), but this is such a great story I would send it to 
them as an addendum to your previous letter.

If anyone was ever a strong candidate for a certifiably waterproof 
pump, you sure are.


>Using H-Tron in water is a necessity for me:
>Last night I took my (new to me) 1996 SPx SeaDoo out on a lake for a
>pre-sunset one hour run.  I am an experienced boater and know this craft
>inside and out.  In fact just finished restoring it to mint condition.
>For a one hour run I could disconnect but one never knows what weird things
>may happen so I never disconnect for this activity and for the first time
>in five years of watersports, ran into trouble.  If I had disconnected or
>been on MDI with N or U it would have made an inconvenient situation life
>threatening.  I love the pump!
>Just prior to sunset the impeller shaft ceased and backed out of the hull.
>I paddled and tried the radio to no avail until underwater.  These things
>do not sink but they sink so far so that only the bow is above water.
>Dumped the paddle as I went under, not unlike watching the last minutes of
>the Titanic which BTW is what I will name this new craft once I get it out
>of the water and fixed, lowered the wetsuit and put the pump in "stop" in
>anticipation of the 2 mile swim.  In order to minimize the time swimming in
>the dark and being in the 60F water, I went with the wind and swam, pushing
>my 9/10 sunk beloved to shore.  Unfortunately this meant reaching the only
>shore which was isolated.
>After swimming whit the boat for 1.5 hours in pump "stop" I reached the
>shore in the dark and tied up my beloved to a rock.  Grabbed my flashlight
>and emergency kit, put the pump to a basal rate of .4 for the dark hike,
>ate a granola bar for good measure and hiked for an hour thru rugged
>terrain, thick brush and swamp to the highway.  Upon reaching the highway
>found a house and scared the occupants as a wet-suit, red PFD wearing
>creature appeared at their door at 11:00pm.
>Upon reaching home I tested and was 130!  Wow!  I love the pump!  On MDI,
>at this time of day, I doubt I would have had enough food to get out.
>Without being connected to the pump I would have felt terrible from early
>DKA by that time and would have fought all night to restore the bgs.  It
>felt so good to be in the water in dark and know that I had control over
>whether or not I would keep getting too much insulin!
>They call me a freak for all the safety equipment I carry but it paid off
>as did my decision to continue using the H-Tron in water.
>A note about hiking in the dark:  The tree limbs and jagged rocks leave big
>welts and cuts!  Ouch!
>This is FYI.  These things happen.  Carry a compass & flashlight.  For
>those who know me, please don't bother saying you are glad "I'm OK".  ;-/
>It's all a part of the sport. Rare but it does happen once in 100,000
>times!  I just can't get over the difference the pump made in this
>Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
>Type I since 1974.  Disetronic H-Tronplus pump since Dec 2000.  Please
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml