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[IP] Pump Training cost built in

>>> Pump training is built into the cost of all the pumps . . . Disetronic,
Animas, and Minimed all provide this kind of training . . .>>>

Does that mean it is OUR responsibility to contact the rep when we get a pump?
My bills have always had the name filled in as to whom the rep is even without
my contacting the person - therefore, shouldn't they already be aware and
contact the patient to set up this training? I have had no training like
Yerachmiel said he didn't since 20 years ago. Mine was basically a week in the
hosp. to get the *basal* set correctly and to do 7 BGs a day there. I was free
to go out but had to be back for BGs. That was when I was color-comparing BG
sticks to a chart and they marked my results down with the lab results and I
was pretty close. I used ChemsStrip BGs - cut in 1/3s.

BTW, Yerachmiel, I missed your 20th pumpiversary - wasn't it something like
June 6? Keep on pumpin'! (~_^)

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