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[IP] Need help re: feel after long bike rides

> "you must be
> one of those rare people that need to INCREASE their basal rate after
> aerobic exercise vs. DECREASE it. 

   Here are the things that I have to think about when exercising and 
lowering basal rates, maybe it will help you.  How long has it been 
since your last bolus?  If  it has been less than four hours since my 
last bolus and I don't have any food or enough food in my system, watch 
out because the "insulin pool" under my skin becomes readily available 
when my heart rate goes up for more than a few minutes and will lower BG 
levels really fast.  So if I have bolused less than four hours ago, I 
will lower basal rates 1.5 hours before exercise and still eat a bit of 
carbs before I go, depending on the length of my exercise.
   I am pretty sensitive to insulin.  I take 1 unit to cover 22-25 grams 
of carb during a normal day, and I only lower my basal rate by 30% if 
it's going to be a long workout.  Long, slower workouts tend to burn 
body fat, which requires insulin.  If a workout is going to take more 
than 0.5 hour, I will lower basal by 30% and take in some carbs during 
the workout.  I think this is the key, I always perform better when I 
have enough insulin in my blood to convert body fat to energy along with 
the 30 grams or so of  carb that I ingest during an hour or so of a workout.
   I know this sounds impossible, but your experience will be the only 
thing that will teach you how your body reacts to exercise of different 
intensities and types.  I am a poor swimmer, and I haven't been doing it 
as long as I have other sports.  When I swim I always need to lower my 
basal rates by 50% to keep my BG level, when I run and bike its a 30% 
reduction.  Good luck and keep an exercise journal which will help you 
see trends which can make the learning process go much quicker.
Dave Sieperda
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