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Re: [IP] do you ever just feel like screaming?


  I can't believe it!  You mean I'm not the only mom that does things like 
that?  That allowing your mind to wander to the absolute WORSE place it 
possibly can go...thinking the worse possible scenario!  I do that ALL of the 
time.  Actually my mind starts doing this right after my morning alarm goes 
off.  I wake up to the thought of..is Josh OK?  Will I be able to wake him?  
I hate feeling like this too.  Yes, I know I'M not diabetic, but my young son 
is!  And I'm alone in his DM care.  That is why I LOVE this list SOOO much, 
the love and support I get from the people in this family!  So, to all of 
you, and to you too Julie... Thank You!!!

mom to Joshua
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