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Re: [IP] Gusher

On 12 Jun 2001, at 17:02, James wrote:

> > Had set in about 4 days, low on insulin, site looked ok - did not
> > hurt. And WOW A GUSHER OF BLOOD came out. Looked 
> > like it was in a direct hit on a vein or something,

> "Gushers" is a topic that comes up often.  Most people have them from
> time to time. Scares the hell out of  you the first time, right? Did
> you ever think one could bleed so much out of such a little hole?
> Don't worry about it, it is normal. I have one 3 or 4 times a
> year...most people even less than that. They should warn people about
> them in the pump courses, but I have yet to hear of anyone doing
> so.-James

Got that right James.  Those Gushers can be very dangerous.  To 
clothing, rugs, furniture.  You sure could leave some stains if you 
don't act very quickly or are always prepared.  I guess the trainers 
don't go over them for fear of frightening someone out of pumping.  
Nonsense!   We should all be forewarned, not frightened.   Gushers 

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