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Re: [IP] How I used my H-Tron in H20 after my boat sunk last night.

>darrin, darrin, darrin....... you're something else!!  and btw, you write a
>GREAT story explaining what happened!  Ever think of becoming a writer?
>xoxoxo to you, my friend!!

I'd liek to write but as many of my IP posts suggest i can't type!  Good
suggestion though, Gina.  I may use it for therapy at least.  BTW:  No go
so far on anti-depressants.  Funny, the therapist said that I'm not
depressed; I just don;t have anything to live for".  It is true. <G>.  My
gaols are almost all done now and I am lonely.  Would not be so bad except
that seing the girl I was with (my own one-sided love - nothing she could
help) with her boyfriend almost each day makes it worse.  It's me.  That's

Here's the update:  I am so sore!  The rock cuts on the shin are really
burning!  Still I feel good about it all.  The 2nd worst thing that can
happen and I managed all well.  The swim and the hike and today's swim and
tow are starting to catch up to me:

June 12:

Yeah, towed the SeaDoo back today (was an adventure in itself) and drained
it, tested etc etc.  I'm impressed with the electronics.  All boxes were
100% bone dry after 16 hours of submersion.  ALl works except the engine.
Looks like the engine ceazed causing the impellor shaft to back off the
flywheel bearing and break the hull seal behind the carrier bearing as i
suspected.  However as to why the engine ceazed is a mystery.  Could be the
*new* flywheel bearing was defective and ceazed (plenty of greese and only
6 hours use) or somehting in the engine itself ceazed.  Pistons don't budge.

Taking it to HFX tomorrow for a look by the service centre and the
insurance adjuster.  NO matter what this will cost me $500.  Just finsihed
retsoring it to mint condition three days ago and the hull was perfect.
Now it has several scuffs and four suffs thru tothe fiberglass.  Damn!

I can hardly wait to ride again but I am afraid it will be a month before I
get it back.  You know, absoutely everything I have bought in the last six
months has failed or as in the case of the pump been certified not fit for
intended use (as in water).

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