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Re: [IP] do you ever just feel like screaming?

> Just staying healthy is in
>itself a full time job.  Work is another full-time job, and going tonschool
>part time and coming home to pay the bills and clean the house and cook
>dinner is another full time job.  How am I ever going to be a mother as well
>if I can't even handle what I've got now?  I feel another low coming on,
>tije to eat...again.
>Thanks for being there.


Your rant was a refreshing and articulate window on living wiht diabetes.
I know many others incl myself have posted similar rants.  I can't help but
I can remind you you aren't alone in your frustrations!  It may seem like
weak water but do the best you can and be reasonable with yourself to the
point of telling corporate and your family w/o guilt that "that's the way
it is and if they don't like it they can get out".

This is a full time job, DM.

Keep your chin up and vent - it helps keep perspective!  Warmest wishes to you.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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