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[IP] do you ever just feel like screaming?

Well, I hope no one minds, but I just have to rant for a while before I 
explode.  I don't know if I want to cry or shout or what.  Do you ever get 
to that point where you're just so sick of it all?  I'm sick of testing, 
doctors and missing a ton of work for doctors appointments and just knowing 
that the people at corporate are wondering why, lows and feeling like I got 
run over by a truck, highs and ketones and feeling like I have the flu and 
then coming down so fast I feel like I'm low for 2 hours but can't do 
anything to make the feeling go away because I NEED to come down, hearing 
the alarm go off AGAIN in the middle of the night to test my sugars when 
I've already gotten up to test twice and it takes forever to fall asleep 
afterwards and I have work and school all the next day, pharmacies and 
stupid people who don't pay attention to the 5 million places I have written 
my new insurance information and told then it's new information and to be 
sure to use it when filling the prescription only to call 4 days later and 
hear them say sorry it didn't go through but only because they were stupid 
and didn't use the right info, and I'm mostly sick of insuranc people and 
how rude and inconsiderate and unfeeling and downright stupid they are and 
why don't they realize that all the stress they are putting me through just 
makes things worse?  Will I ever be able to get through 1 day like a 
"normal" person and actually be able to concentrate on getting through the 
rest of my life?  I have so much on my mind between diabetes and paying the 
bills that I'm forever forgetting people's birthdays, or homework 
assignments, or deadlines...  How am I ever going to get through school when 
it seems like every semester I end up dropping at least one class because I 
can't concentrate enough on school because of all my health problems?  My 
poor boyfriend tries so hard to understand, and he's very helpful, but he 
just doesn't understand what I go through every day.  Nobody does.  I feel 
like screaming to the world that I want to be able to do all the things they 
do and accomplish all that they can and I want to be able to stay at work 
and not go to the doctor all the time and I want to be able to do more in 
school and just do so much more in general, but don't they see I just can't 
handle that and still keep on top of my health?  Just staying healthy is in 
itself a full time job.  Work is another full-time job, and going tonschool 
part time and coming home to pay the bills and clean the house and cook 
dinner is another full time job.  How am I ever going to be a mother as well 
if I can't even handle what I've got now?  I feel another low coming on, 
tije to eat...again.

Thanks for being there.
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