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Re: [IP] Arrest

I've travelled 4 times since starting on my Animas pump, and have never had 
a problem. I never disconnect. I just wear it--twice it was visible and 
twice it was not. Never got questioned. However, I do always carry a note 
from the doc stating I have an insulin pump, just in case there is any 
question or problem.

>From: Ed Girou <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Arrest
>Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:41:42 -0500
>Okay, here's my horror story.
>Fitted with the Animas R-1000 pump filled with saline.  No manual.
>Inaccurate, missing and misleading information from my CDE about this
>pump (she prefers the MiniMed).  The CDE told us to put pump on Suspend
>when disconnecting the infusion set.
>I decided to wear the pump as if it was filled with insulin--calculating
>carbs, bolus doses, checking the meter status, etc.  Had to go on a
>business trip via airplane out of St. Louis airport.  So I stopped in
>the restroom, put the unit on suspend and disconnected the infusion set
>at my abdomen.  When going through security I placed the pump in the
>tray for credit cards and beepers.  The pump sounded an alarm which
>brought attention from the security idiots.  They looked at the pump
>with the 42" of tubing and became immediately suspicious.  Why was it
>sounding a signal?  So I explained it was an insulin pump, I am a
>diabetic, and asked to have the meter to silence the alarm.  The
>security folks couldn't figure out what was happening and called for a
>supervisor.  During this time the pump sounded again.  (Later on when I
>talked with Animas I discovered the pump will alarm every 3 minutes in
>Suspend mode--the CDE *never* told me this!).
>Security supervisor was very suspicious, but somewhat understanding.
>And we agreed to remove the batteries to see if it would reset the
>meter.  It did.  Everything was looking good.  So I started to put back
>the batteries and when inserting the second battery the pump started a
>different alarm tone which caused the security folks to scream at me,
>spread eagle, searched, handcuffed and routed to an interview room.
>After a lot of shouting, I convinced the security folks to allow me to
>reconnect everything to prove that it was just a medical device and
>nothing that would threaten airline safety.  Connected infusion set and
>the loud alarm sounded again when inserting batteries.  Guns were
>drawned, I was told to drop the pump, etc.
>When things calmed down, I suggested calling my endoc, my CDE, etc.  Of
>course, office was closed and CDE didn't share her pager #.  So I
>suggested calling Animas at the 800-number on the back of the pump.  The
>Animas support person was fantastic and "fixed" the situation and
>explained the alarm signal....and she did it professionally with a bit
>of humor.
>I was cleared through security with apologies from the security
>Missed my flight so I called Animas to thank the operator.  She could
>visualize the situation and said she could see how untrained security
>folks would react the the loud alarms.  But then she was annoyed that my
>CDE checked-out a pump without a manual, without complete instructions,
>etc.  The operator and I ran through some of the alarm signals.
>I plan to write a formal complaint to my endoc about his CDE.
>I am writing a message to the Dr./President of Animas to request that
>they retrain my CDE in the R-1000 features and PROPER PROCEEDURES for
>issuing trial pumps.
>Question #1 for the list:  What do you do at airports?  I travel
>extensively (domestic and international).
>Sorry for the long response.
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