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[IP] Re: please respond to weight gain

    I'm not diabetic, my little girl is, but I wanted to write cause I could 
understand your desperation.
    Many women seem to have problems with weight changes after having babies. 
 The suggestion to have your thyroid checked is an excellent one.  Otherwise, 
the doctor should thoroughly check out everything else.  To deal with this 
problem is difficult enough, never mind to deal with it with diabetes.  
    It definately seems to me that if you have an active toddler you should 
not be gaining weight.  Unless you had to cut down on your exercise program?? 
 For myself, leaving a sedentary office job, to being a full time Mum of a 
very active baby and toddler, resulted in me being the thinnest I had been 
since a teenager. And I could eat anything I wanted.   Unfortunately now that 
my youngest is 7 the flab has come back!!
    Good luck,
Babara, Mum of Claire 7
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