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[IP] reps who lie (was the new Minimed Paradigm

I wrote >the Minimed reps won't lie to you.  This would be self-defeating!
Sylivia answered >  Sorry could not let this one go by.  This is so NOT

I have to say, I personally am not aware of a rep lying. For all I know,
they may hire sociopaths at all the companies, and give them free rein, but
I do not think so. Minimed has a pretty good lock on the pump market, and
bad customer relations are a bad thing. Recently they have been changing
hands, so I do believe there can be some confusion.
Actually, since we are talking about an FDA approved medical device, there
are probably fairly stiff penalties for an out-and-out lie, and if you can
prove one, I urge you to go to court. However, I think it is possible that
people get bad information in several ways 1) stating their question poorly
2) not asking for a response in writing, so relying on over-the-phone vocal
response, often confusing 3) miscommunication on both sides 4) gossip and
rumor on the internet
I just do NOT believe that medical sales reps lie to the extent that you
imply. Of course, there are evil psychopaths everywhere, but I say again
that lying intentionally in the medical field is very dangerous, very
difficult, and leaves a company open to lawsuits. I am a raving liberal, but
not a conspiracy theorist
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