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Re: [IP] re: the new Minimed Paradigm

>the Minimed reps won't lie to you.  This would be self-defeating!  

  Sorry could not let this one go by.  This is so NOT true.  As others will 
be able to attest to.  Just like car salesmen who really want that sale.  
They will say and do ANYTHING to get you to buy from them, even if that mean, 
'bending' the truth, even a little about the other guys.  I've had this 
happen, not just from MM reps either, so don't get me wrong!  This is a 
UNIVERSAL problem.  No, in MY opinion, the BEST opinion is that of the 
unbiased people who are REALLY affected by these products.  That is what I 
LOVE about this list...it is SOOOOO universal!

mom to Joshua  who recommends ANY pump to ANYONE because ANY pump is SOOO 
much better than SHOTS!!!!
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