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Re: [IP] Arrest

Ed - so sorry to hear of your problems.  I have traveled quite a bit with my 
pump and NEVER had a problem.  I think the first step is to  KEEP THE PUMP 
CONNECTED. I have never taken mine off when going through security - and it 
doesn't set off their alarms.  Only once have I been asked about it - and 
that was when I was wearing it on the back of my slacks and the tubing and 
all was hanging.  He asked - I said an insulin pump and no problem.  

I am very surprised at their reaction.  From what I have gathered here and on 
the aol boards most airport security personnel are FAR MORE aware of insulin 
pumps than the average ER personnel - they have seen more. So good luck in 
the future but I think you are correct in waging a complaint against the CDE 
for giving you a pump without a manual and more instruction.

Linda & Dax
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