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[IP] Battery Life

I didn't snip any of the posts about the batteries lasting a short/long time,
but there are several factors for variations:
What is the basal rate(s)? A higher rate will require more power.
Larger boluses require more power to deliver.
Do you prime the tubing *by hand*? Pushing the 20 units through the tubing w/o
using the Prime feature will conserve battery power. DO use the prime to push
insulin out the end of the set to seat the *levers* against the plunger of the
Do you use the backlight and/or the remote?
The frequency of checking totals, etc. and causing the pump to *beep* uses
power to make the sound.
All the above factors consume more power confirming YMMV (Your Mileage May
Vary). (~_^)
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