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[IP] Gusher

MM508 - Quick Set site question.
Had set in about 4 days, low on insulin, site looked ok - did not hurt.
BG was a little high about 240, so went to change set.
I pulled out the old set(normally leave them in about 2 hours after change)
And WOW A GUSHER OF BLOOD came out. Looked like it was in a direct hit on a
vein or something, but it
Had worked fine for days. Five napkins full of blood later, finally got the
bleeding stopped, added antibiotic and
Band aide and tape to the old site. So far all OK.  BTW - I'm on the plump
side, and the site was in my
Tummy - so not a problem with not enough fat or short cannula...

Q: Has this happened to others?
Q: Did I do somethine wrong?

Thanks for any info


MM508  2/1/01
DX        10/6/2000
Cancer   Survivor 2 = years.
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