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[IP] Pump Removal

<it seems to
> me that people often wonder about the pump, thinking they will mind
> something attached to them 24-7", and at first, it may seem like that,
> is why you disconnected your pump. After a while, your pump becomes an
> extension of you, which is why people who have had them a long time don't
> ever think to take them off for things like airport security. Sort of like
> taking your head off and sending it through.

This made me laugh, & think about the way I explain it to my elementary kids
at school.  Since it "helps my body do what it's supposed to do", they
equate it pretty quickly with glasses correcting vision, or braces (even
though those are temporary, I know from experience it SEEMS like they are on
there forever!) ...I don't know if people think about removing those items
for airport security, but I'm thinking that, at least in the case of braces,
it might get pretty complicated!

On the idea of removing it, I like the argument I remember from quite a
while back here (Jan, maybe?) against being told to remove your pump for
surgery:  "If you can show me the hospital policy that requires all patients
undergoing surgery to remove their pancreas before the operation, no
problem!  Otherwise, that seems to be discrimination..."  <g>

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