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Re: [IP] The new Mimimed Paradigm

Vicki, You are right there has been a lot of discussion about the new
Paradigm. Sources you might check are:

1. The Insulin-Pumpers old Mail Archive
(http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/ipsearch.cgi) Search the US Mail Archive for
"Paradigm or 511". However be careful a lot of the stuff in the archive is
rumor and some of it is incorrect.

2.  MiniMed chatted with Insulin-Pumpers about the Paradigm on 03/21/2001 in
the Guest Chat Room.
21.html) This information is probably accurate but is rather tedious to sort

3.  The MiniMed Web Page
(http://www.minimed.com/patientfam/pf_paradigm_pump.shtml) really good but
obviously not  unbiased.

4.  Here is my thumbnail summary:
-  Small
-  Waterproof. Incapable of run away in the event of case failure.
-  AAA battery
-  Remote
-  Uses proprietary infusion sets- Not standard Luer-Lok.
-  1.5 cc Max Reservoir Capacity.

Good luck with your exciting decision.
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