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Re: [IP] pleasr respond to weight gain

    Definitely bring this up with your CDE, endo, and dietician until you are
satisfied with a solution. If necessary, consult another doc. I suspect that
you are experiencing hypoglycemia frequently, probably overnight, due to too
much insulin.  (That's a big dose, and over double what you took before...
with no explanation for the increase!) This can result in a vicious cycle
where your morning sugars are higher and you're more insulin resistant because
of the counterregulatory (stress) hormones, so you keep upping the insulin
dose to battle the sugars, resulting in more hypos, plus the insulin makes you
hungry... you get the picture. (This happened to me in college and I gained
like 25 pounds...ugh. Thank you, Barbara Widom MD at the Joslin for correcting
this!) Try checking overnight, at 1:00, 2:00 or 3:00 (a lot of hypos occur
before 3 am). The Minimed continuous glucose monitoring system would also be a
great way to pick this up. (So would the Glucowatch, if it were on the market

Usually during pregnancy, every woman will have increased insulin needs as the
placenta develops. The moment you deliver the placenta, your insulin needs
drop!  I wonder if your insulin dose was increased during pregnancy, and never
came back down? I would consider decreasing your dose (with help of a good CDE
or endo with pump smarts) to see what happens with your sugars. That's an
awful lot of insulin.

Finally, don't put up with depression!  Get treatment, it can be SO helpful
and there's no benefit in avoiding it. There are wonderful counselors and
medications that can help you. Why suffer needlessly?

--Katie, pumping since 94, MM507
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