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[IP] RE:fasttake strips

My questions are:
Is everybody using Fastake having this same problems getting the strips and
also, anyone using the One Touch Ultra and how do you like it? Are the
strips easily available?


I have used both the Fasttake Meter and the One Touch Ultra.  I was having a
very hard time finding the fasttake strips, and was even sent a Sure Step
meter from LifeScan as a backup (I really hate that meter!  It uses a
half-gallon of blood!!!!!).  The One Touch Ultra is great!  It uses about as
much blood as the fasttake, but only takes 5 seconds.  The main reason I got
it is that it operates in a much greater temperature range (43 - 111 degrees
F) than the Fasttake.  I was always frustrated when I'd get in my vehicle on
a 80 degree day and my fasttake wouldn't work because it was too hot.  I
work outdoors alot, and needed a meter that would work in hot and cold
temperatures.  Also, I had trouble with my fasttake not coming on when I
inserted the strip, and sometimes it would turn itself off when I applied
the blood.  I had it replaced by LifeScan, and the new one would do that
sometimes as well.  Seemed like a short in the wiring somewhere.  The Ultra
seems to be more stable.
There is a rebate on the Ultra now.  At Wal Mart, the box I purchased said
something like "buy 100 strips ($68.48) and get the machine free."  Then
inside the box was a $45 rebate for the machine and another $25 rebate for a
trade-in.  Insurance pays for my strips so I didn't worry about the rebate,
but the rebates will nearly pay for the machine.
Anyway, if you like the Fasttake, I think you will love the Ultra.
Hopefully they will have correctly anticipated public response to the Ultra,
based on their experience with the fasttake, and not have strips on
backorder.  I checked at Wal Mart last night and they had plenty of strips.
My pharmacy doesn't carry these strips, and as long as Wal Mart keeps them
in stock, I won't ask my pharmacy to get them.
Good luck.

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