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[IP] The new Mimimed Paradigm

Hi.  I am new to this list so forgive me if you all have talked in detail 
about this before.  My name is Vicki and my 6 year old daughter Katie was 
diagnosed just about 7 months ago.  We have definately made the decision to 
put her on a pump.(It was more her decision than anyones!!  She is very 
responsible for her own care,does her own shots,etc...and after talking with 
other kids and adults on the pump,she came to me and said "Mom,that is for 
me!")Anyway,we were thnking of the new Animas,but our doctor really wants 
Katie on the new Paradigm(we are doing a "pump trial" in July and katie will 
go on the pump @ the middle of August).  I have heard from a couple of 
people on this list and the parents list i belong to at 
www.childrenwithdiabetes.com I was told by other parents that for the new 
minimed, that it would not be interchangable for sets, etc...I spoke with a 
minimed rep at a health fair the other day and she told me that none of that 
is true.  They recommend you use their new set because it comes with a 
special adhesive already on it,but it is not necessary,etc...Now I don't 
know what to believe.  Can any of you tell me what you think of the 
new-coming minimed?  This is a big decision for us,as to which pump...and 
the rep made the new Paradigm sound wonderful and it is waterproof and it is 
the perfect size for Kate,but that may not be enough.  i would just like 
some opinions on it...Thanks

Vicki, mom of Ashley 10,Katie 6 dx'd 11/00, Alex 4.5, Korbin 2

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