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[IP] Re: Arrest

I fly quite a bit and haven't had any problems going through security, but I 
always have my pump on, and not in suspend mode.  Usually I have it hanging 
on my calf with a "leg thing" so the security people never even see it, and 
if they have they have never said anything.  I did have to open up my 
carry-on once to show them the pump supplies and my insulin because they were 
suspicious of something they saw there, but when I showed them my pump manual 
(which I always have with me in case I forget how to do something) and the 
insulin it was fine.

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with security and everything 
else--it sounds horrible!  With me, people rarely even notice my pump or say 
anything about it, and certainly not so dramatically; like I said, I do 
usually have it in run mode and attached to my leg, but even when I have it 
in my pocket and tubing is visible, people rarely mention it.  I hope this 
experience doesn't ruin your idea of pumping; I could see how it would, but 
it really doesn't have to be that noticeable.  Will you be able to see a new 
CDE now who can teach  you everything about your pump?

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