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Re: [IP] Arrest

Ed Girou wrote:
> Okay, here's my horror story.
> <snip>
> Question #1 for the list:  What do you do at airports?  I travel
> extensively (domestic and international).
> Sorry for the long response.

don't be sorry for the long response. it's quite a story.

when i travel i travel with a full pack of supplies on me and a second
backup pack also with everything i might need. both packs contain
syringes, extra insulin etc. the pack i have on me contains a note from
my endo explaining that i wear a pump and carry supplies. i have never
had to use it. BTW i never travel w/out manuals and your CDE saying the
information needed to run the pump was available on the web does not
make a bit of sense.

chris parsons
T1 82 HTRON Plus 99
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