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Re: [IP] A successful appeal to the initial Ins. Co. denial

Back in 1958, we had glass syringes and metal needles that had to be boiled 
every day before use.  So you had to wait for them to cool down or you would 
burn your fingers, to say nothing of denaturing the insulin.  If you did 
denature the insulin because you didn't wait for everything to cool to room 
temperature, it was very difficult to find out that the insulin was bad.  The 
only thing we had to test with were tablets you dropped into  the urine 
mixture.  First you had to collect the urine into something clean. Then wipe 
yourself. Then put 5 drops of urine into a test tube and add 10 drops of 
water.  Then you dropped in a tablet {I can't remember what they were called.}
Then you waited while it bubbled away.  Then you compared the color to a 
The negative color was blue.  How hard we tried to balance our food and 
insulin to get that blue color.  I'm surprised I survived!
Jeanne and Dai
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