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Re: [IP] numbing creams

Linda,  there is an MD lurking on this list that has recommended that you NOT 
use that fast acting 'freesing' spray on children especially.  You may find 
that 'freezing' the area with an ice cube or ice pack might help too.  Which 
sets are you using.  My son Joshua is 9 and we had a terrible time with the 
Tenders/Sils type set.  Now we use the MM Quick set and insertion is a BREEZE 
because the needle is SOOOOOO small and it goes in at the 90 degree angle 
versus the 15-30 degree angle with the larger/longer needle.  Well, this 
works best for us now and it is definately a personal choice thing!  Anyway, 
with the new sets we are using Josh no longer requires ANY numbing stuff 
because he says he can't even feel the needle go in!

  Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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