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[IP] Quickset disconnect and priming question

From: "Heather" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] QuickSet disconnect and priming question
Heather wrote:
 <I rarely put the cap on my site when I disconnect for a shower, hot tub
soak, or a swim.  Is this safe to do, or am I chancing an infection by not
closing the site up?>

 Don't know if it unsafe, but would think that a shower might not be a
problem, but hot tubs or swims might be a possibility.. Might be best to cap
the site, when you can remember.  I have forgotten a couple of times when

<Is it necessary to prime after disconnecting for a shower or a swim (half
hour to an hour) or just when I change my site >
I've been using the QuickSets for about 6 weeks, and REALLY much prefer them
over SofSets.
I have found that it is best to prime after being disconnected...as I  have
had to prime .2 to .5 units to be able to see the insulin appear in the
connector. So that tells me that it needs to be primed each time... I suppose
it all depends on how much movement the tubing & connector has had during the
disconnect time.  Just hold the connector up to the light, prime, &  watch to
see when it appears at the little hole, then reconnect.

For those who have been having problems connecting & disconnecting, &  using
the cap...I would suggest keeping a used set to practice with, (including the
cap). Actually using a soft touch when squeezing the tabs & turning the
connector really works best to remove, and not squeezing the tabs when
reconnecting works very well..   practice makes perfect, I've heard
somewhere..   :)

Evie    ..........(MiniMed 508 pumper since 12/12/00)
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