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[IP] Help with switch from rapids


I apologize because this has probably been covered ad nauseum, but I've had a 
really big crisis in my life in the past four months and had to focus on 
that. Now, I need help. My son, 7, is on the Disetronic H-Tron Plus and uses 
the Rapid 6 mm infusion set. He refuses to use any kind of set that involves 
a injector-type device and the Rapids have worked beautifully. My trouble is 
Disetronic's warning about not using the pump in water anymore. With the 
summer upon us and swimming just around the corner, I need to find an 
infusion set that's as much like the Rapid as possible but disconnects. I 
know Disetronic was coming out with a new set but it was going to be, at 
least initially, 10 mm and the longest length of tubing. We need 6 mm and 
24-inch tubing. Does anything like this exist? If you can help, please e-mail 
me directly because I still don't have time to read the list (although I'll 
be jumping back in soon, I hope.)

Thanks in advance.

Janice, proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 7 and pumping since July 2000 at 
age 6
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