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[IP] re: QuickSets & using (or not) disconnect cover

> I've been using the QuickSets for about a month and 
> like them very much.  I rarely put the cap on my
site > when I disconnect fora shower, hot tub soak,
> or a swim.  Is this safe to do, or am I chancing an 
> infection by not closing the site up?

I won't make any guarantees, but if it provides any
peace of mind, we've been using QuickSets on my son
Luke, 6, for about 2 months, since they came out in
volume.  We never use the cap/disconnect cover, mostly
because when set is not connected correctly, insulin
sure doesn't go to the site, so there's probably not
much chance of anything else going in.  Also, our CDE
reiterated at camp today that insulin is not a growth
environment for bacteria.  Luke's had no site
infections or any irritation that we've traced to this
either.  Of course, YMMV.  

Shelly V, Luke's mom

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