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[IP] re: high bg's after exercising

>I usually run in the mornings, before eating
>breakfast.  This past week I was finally getting
>back on my running routine and lowered my basal just
>as you did (50%, about an hour before and after
>running).  Checking my bg a few hours later, it was
>over 300!

I strongly suggest (reiterating someone else's
recommendation) that you read the "Pumping Insulin"
chapters on exercise & carbs for exercise.  John Walsh
& Ruth Roberts cover how Humalog works very well and
explain how you have to have enough insulin in the
bloodstream for the body to access the blood sugar
and/or glycogen reserves.  So if you exercise when
you're high because you just ate and your bolus hasn't
come on yet, you should be fine.  If you exercise when
you're high because you don't have enough insulin to
lower your blood sugar, you'll go higher.  If you
exercise at normal blood sugar for an hour, and you
don't eat, and you reduce your basal rate, then you
may actually run out of sufficient insulin to be in
the optimal body-energy situation - and your bg's will
reflect that.

Also remember that changing the basal rate affects the
bg's generally in a couple of hours, not for right
now.  So if you reduce your basal rate right now for
exercise, then in a couple of hours you will have
insufficient insulin in your bloodstream for your
activity level later.  

We found the "Pumping Insulin" book to be extremely
helpful for setting Luke up for successful exercising,
and so far have had no issues with blood sugar
before/during/after planned exercise this summer.  The
running around that 6 year olds do on a whim
unfortunately does not respond as well to the formulas
provided in the book.

Good luck experimenting.
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/5/01

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