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re:[IP] Need help re: feel after long bike rides

Do you test sometime between when you finish riding and those later highs? It
might be a rebound from a post-exercise low. I did the Tour de Cure this year
- 32, not 25 miles and lots of headwind!!! I figured out in my training rides
that what worked for me was to reduce my basal by 40% 1/2 hour before I
started riding and continue that temp rate until 2 hours after I finished
riding. My bg's stayed normal and I didn't even have the crash I used to get
sometimes around 12 hours after the excercise. On the official ride day, I did
go high later, but that's because I ate more than I meant to at the feast a
friend had prepared for me and my team, the Pancremaniacs.
I know excercise affects everyone differently, my CDE said you just have to
try things, and figure out what works for you.
Good luck!
Heather and 'Righteous Babe'
together since 4/01
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