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Re: [IP] Need help re: feel after long bike rides

For skiing and biking, I need to reduce my basals by 0.2 or 0.3 u/hr (about 
50 or 60%) but then when I stop I find I have to take about a 2 unit bolus to 
cover the glucagon that gets kicked out of the liver before it realizes that 
I've quit exercising and no longer need the extra glucagon (I call it the 
glucagon/exercise effect).  I think someone at one time when I had first 
started pumping posted here about doing a 2 unit bolus after hard exercise, 
and for me it has worked.  It was scary though, doing a bolus when bg was ok 
and without eating the first few times I tried it!  Just make sure that you 
check often, and try not to be driving for a while after the bolus if you 
don't have to just until you see how it will work for you!

aka Mouse
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