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Re: [IP] QuickSet disconnect and priming question

In a message dated 6/11/2001 8:37:27 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> 've been using the QuickSets for about a month and like them very much.  I
>  rarely put the cap on my site when I disconnect for a shower, hot tub soak,
>  or a swim.  Is this safe to do, or am I chancing an infection by not 
>  the site up?
Our pump is waterproof, so we don't disconnect . . . but if we did, I'd only 
worry about putting the cap on in "questionable" water like a lake, public 
hot tub, a shower or bath ina developing country,  etc. but not in our home 
pool, bathtub, or shower . . .  

>  My other question is about priming when I reconnect.  Is it necessary to
>  prime after disconnecting for a shower or a swim (half hour to an hour) or
>  just when I change my site?  (I prime 0.5 units after changing my site.)  
>  bgs seem to be ok after being disconnected, but I recently read some other
>  posts that confused me about whether or not to prime.

The 2nd "priming" (i.e. after you've primed to fill the tubing) that you do 
when you change the set (you must be using a 9mm cannula, since you're 
priming .5 units), is to fill in the empty space in the cannula that had been 
filled up by the insertion needle (before you removed it after inserting of 
the set). 

The "priming" after disconnecting that you may have heard about is probably 
actually bolusing to "make up" for the basal insulin missed while 
disconnected . . . for example, if your basal rate is .8 per hour and you 
were disconnected for exactly an hour, some people would do a bolus for that 
.8 units when they reconnected.  

Other people choose to bolus half of the basal they expect to miss when they 
disconnect, and then bolus the remaining amount when they actually reconnect 
(that way you have some basal insulin working while you're disconnected, and 
you can adjust the second bolus to cover what you actually missed).  One word 
of caution on bolusing to cover for periods of being disconnected -- you need 
to know the frequency of basal delivery for your pump . . . Depending on your 
pump and the escat time you disconnected, being disconnected for 15 minutes 
could mean that you missed anywhere from one-third to NONE of your hour's 
worth of basal . . .

PumpMama to Katie (age 10) happily pumping since 6-1-01 on Elvis, her Animas 
R-1000 pump
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