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RE: [IP] Need help re: feel after long bike rides

>I have been on the pump for a little over a month now and am just
>getting the hang of working out on the pump.  I usually run in the
>mornings, before eating breakfast.  This past week I was finally getting
>back on my running routine and lowered my basal just as you did (50%,
>about an hour before and after running).  Checking my bg a few hours
>later, it was over 300!

I've found this to be true too. I just went out on my first run this
morning since I've been on the pump.(1 week today) Normally I run anywhere
from 45 mins to 2 hours and before the pump, had to have some carbs before
and take some GU or something during the run to keep my bg's up. Today, I
lowered my basal rate for one hour before running, disconnected, and ran
about 6 miles. When I got back, my bg was 221! - from about 150 before. It
actually went up during my run which is something I"m not used to at all. I
think I'll probably leave my basal rate alone tomorrow before my run and
see what happens. It's hard mentally to go out and run for an extended
period of time and not expectmy bg to crash at some point and ruin my run!
So I'm in the same boat as you, it seems. Good luck!

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