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Re: [IP] I am told neuropathy cannot occur in arms or hands - BS or not?

>Over the past three months and esp over the past month my arms form the
>elbow down and hands are constant pins and needles and frequently go
>totally numb.  No apparent circulation problems though.  I thought this was
>neruopathy but my endo claims diabetic neuropathy does not occur in the

Hog wash I say, but I could be wrong as well as two doctors.  My endo and 
neurologist ( from Barrows Institute ) both diagnosed me with neuropathy in 
my arms and hands along with carpel tunnel.  Mine actually got worse when I 
was on Nuerotin and has been doing much better since.  I was waking up at 
night and one whole side would be numb, now I get an occasional numbing and 
some pain.

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