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Re: [IP] I am told neuropathy cannot occur in arms or hands - BS or not?

In a message dated 6/11/01 11:06:04 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< my arms form the elbow down and hands are constant pins and needles and 
frequently go totally numb.  No apparent circulation problems though.  I 
thought this was neuropathy but my endo claims diabetic neuropathy does not 
occur in the hands.  He believes this is some sort of nerve problem.

The symptoms are worse if the bg's are low or even low-normal. NO question 
about it though, the bg level determines the severity o fthe symptoms. >>

Hey Darrin, diabetic neuropathy IS a "nerve problem" <gr.>.  But seriously, 
nerve entrapment problems seem like they could cause those symptoms, and 
diabetics are certainly more prone to those (trigger fingers, carpal tunnel, 
frozen shoulders, etc.).  That is probably what your doctor is referring to, 
but they are also neuropathies, or course.

But also the nerve damage that is usually referred to when people say 
diabetic neuropathy can occur in arms and hands, according to the US National 
Institutes of Health (wouldn't think you Canadians would be that different 
<gr.>) or any other part of the body. 

Back in the old days (pre-HBGM, much less the pump), when I used to get pain 
in my feet presumably from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, my worst problems 
tended to occur after I was somewhat normalized after a period of 
hyperglycemia.  The hyperglycemia didn't seem to be necessary to get the pain 
with trigger fingers, frozen shoulders, and carpal tunnel -- I know they 
tended to be less painful when I was sick, but never thought of it having an 
inverse relationship to hyperglycemia.  I wonder now that you bring it up if 
that was true.

Linda Z
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