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I have some big questions here....

 Since going on my pump two years ago, there have been alot of ups and downs,
as with anyone. One of my biggest problems is that I have gained ten pounds!
I am small at 5'2 and so it does not have alot of area to go to \  When I was
first diagnosed Type 1 , 26 years ago, the emphasis was on protein.  Now it is
more on carbs; I have been told because of damage to kidneys by high protein.

NOW, that said, has anyone hear tried a high protein diet with like EAS or
I also know that consistent focused excercise has been very difficult for me
the past year with our son birth etc. He literally has me going 24/7 and at
the end of the day the LAST thing I want to do it jump on a treadmill   (
Beginning of the day too !\)
Would love to hear how you all excercise and what Type 1's do to lose weight.
My hormones have fluctuated greatly this year and changes are going on even
though I am in my thirties. Any women notice this causes weight gain?

And last , but not least, has anyone done a liver detoxification program?
 I feel like I have a bunch of junk sometimes in my body. I have talked to
others who swear by them, but no Diabetics.

Thank you!!!

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