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Re: [IP] First Sil- No Way!

I first
> had him ice the site for a long time. I'm not sure if i went too close to
> skin surface or what, but it hurt like hell, Matt cried, and then after a
> hours, it was causing a welt and was soar to the touch, although his
> remained in range. ....Or maybe i didn't do the
> angle on a true 30 degrees?  Matt will not try Sils again, he says NO WAY!


I've been pumping for close to two years, & had wonderful luck with Sils
(Tenders, in my case)...a few things you & Matt may want to think about that
might help - if you can persuade him to give it another go:

1)  My trainer says that, in her experience, insertion at 30 degrees seems
to cause pain/problems in many cases.  She advised me to go more shallow
(about 15 degrees) from the outset.  Theoretically (& it seems to be the
case here) that greatly reduces the chance of hitting muscle (OUCH!!) or
filling up with blood.

2)  I can't remember how old Matt is - but have you thought about having him
try inserting it himself?  Very seriously - many things (injections, taking
out splinters, etc.) genuinely do not hurt (or if they do, hurt far less) if
you do them yourself.  I used to think this was all "in my head", until I
found a few years back in a medical journal that there really is a
connection in your brain that supresses pain when you are taking an action
on yourself...same reason you can't tickle yourself!

3)  Have you considered NOT icing the area - just going for it?  (Or, as
suggested above, letting HIM go for it?)  When I started inserting sets, I
used my abdomen because that was, for me, the easiest place to inject when I
was on MDI.  Now I also use leg & behind sites - to varying degrees of
success!  <g>  Only once or twice in all this time have I had one hurt as I
started to put it in - & since I could tell that right as I started, I just
pulled it back out & used a different spot, same set.  I know there are a
lot of different opinions about the value of numbing a site...the thing is,
I do know people who felt it caused more pain in the long run at times -
because if for whatever reason you hit a spot that's going to hurt (which
can happen no matter WHAT kind of set you are using!), you don't know it for
a little while...then you get sort of "delayed reaction pain" that may be
worse because the set has been in a potential "problem spot" for a longer
time.  Also, ice can cause muscles to tense up because of the cold -
creating more intense or longer-lasting pain if muscles are hit.  I'm not
criticizing that as a practice - I know there are a lot of people who do
this very successfully, & it works for them.  I'm just saying it might be
worth your while to approach it with the set in his hand & no ice, & see if
that works for him.  Some people count to three & plunge - I usually just
aim, & insert slow & steady, with no problem.

I hope he does decide (now or at some point) to try it again...he may end up
glad that he did.  Either way - best of luck!!


P.S.  On the ice thing - I think it's always stuck in my head that when my
mom got her ears pierced (in the sixties, well before the advent of the
pircing gun), they iced the first one, as was common practice at the time.
She said it took forever, & hurt like nothing she'd ever felt before.  (Of
course, she hadn't had me yet <g>)  She refused to let them ice the second
one, said "Just do it" - it took all of about two minutes with no real pain
at all.  She did mine sans ice - & I'm a MAJOR baby when it comes to pain -
& it didn't hurt.  Probably a YMMV thing, but ice just doesn't highly
recommend itself for these things around here!
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