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Re: [IP] Re: Another Denial.....Grrrr (kinda long)

Insurance companies are SUCH fun aren't they?  When I initially went for a 
pump they approved it - but being a PPO type it had to be purchased from a 
Preferred Provider for durable medical goods.  My problem was - there was NO 
provider on the insurance for pumps.  There had only been 1 and they were not 
currently accepting any more pump patients. So I (and Disetronic) jumped 
through many a hoop and eventually they approved me to purchase the pump (and 
continuing supplies) DIRECTLY from Disetronic - and all has been well since. 
(knock on wood). So ya just never know what shenanagians they are going to 
pull.  Our case did go to the outside arbitrator to handle. So keep your chin 
up and continue the fight.

Linda & Dax
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