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[IP] Hypoglycemic Awareness

After reading all the posts about hypoglycemic unawareness, I thought I'd 
share my story about my awareness.  I've been on the pump since November, 
2000.  My A1C's have always been pretty good on MDI, usually between 6.8 and 
7.3, but that's because I've jumped between severe lows and highs.  My endo 
finally agreed that I needed to be on a pump.  I have found my blood sugars 
to reach lows in the 30's and I've not been very aware of them.  Last night 
I decided to try some new basal settings to help me deal with some 
outstanding dawn phenomenon issues.  I woke up at midnight feeling like my 
blood sugar was low.  When I tested it, it was 71.  At first, I didn't think 
anything of it because, as I had said, that is not that low for me.  Being 
sleepy, I was confused as to why I awoke, but I made some corrections and 
went back to sleep.  When I woke up I realized that I had been aware of my 
blood sugar going low.  BTW, I awoke with a blood sugar of 111.  So this 
pump is really helping me.

Teresa Covas email @ redacted

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