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[IP] Re: Diabetic Life Span

>>I was told 28 years ago that has stuck with me all this time was that a
diabetics life span was on average 30 years from the
time he/she is
with the disease. I don't know if that is true or
not but I thought it was
time for a change in treatment before my time ran
out!  <<

This is a VERY misleading statistic.  When was it
done?  Was it a study, or just a doctors personal
experience.  If there was any kind of study it was
many years ago.  Who were the subjects?  Most
(80%+?) diabetics are adult onset, T II's.  If this
is included in the data base it will be worthless
for T I's , and for T II's if T I's are included.  T
II's often don't get dx'ed until they are in their
50's, or later. Thirty years for someone who is 50
is not such a short time. There is also a huge
difference in survivability dependent on treatment
(DCCT).  I would believe that whatever the data that
lifespan is increasing substantially with the
improvements in treatment, and the likely
improvements in the future (cure, closed loop,
better complications treatment, etc.).  There was a
complete change in treatments when the DCCT was
finished in '93.  If it was 30 years 28 years ago
(which I doubt) it certainly is not now, otherwise I
would be dead for 5 years.

One of 2 things happen when you are dx'ed.  There
will be a cure in 5-10 years, or you are almost dead
email @ redacted
I plan to live forever.  So far so good.
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