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[IP] Hello

 Hello, I just joined the group a couple of days ago and have been lurking to 
see what its all about.  Many of you have the same questions I do.  I've been 
a diabetic- Type1 for 26 years.  I toyed with the idea of the pump for many 
years but couldn't commit until I suddenly lost my vision a few months ago.  
After two eye surgeries and recovery my eyesight has been totally restored in 
my left eye, the right eye is not too great.  I went on the MM508 in Feb 
2001. and I feel great. I don't regret it for a moment.  I lost 15 pounds in 
2 months counting carbs, I try to eat 100 grams of carbs only a day.  One 
thing I.ve found is that bagels make my bg go sky high for the whole day no 
matter how many times I do a correction.  I live in Middletown, n.j. and 
woulf be interested in communicating or forming a group of Jersey pumpers.  
Please email me at BARBIDOLL1254 @aol.com.  My name is Barbara Gallagher, I 
am 47, married, a speech therapist, and have two healthy daughters, aged 24 
and 12.  Looking foward to hearing from you.  
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