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[IP] Re: Another Denial.....Grrrr (kinda long)

>> If your MD writes an order or prescription for you for the pump, then HE
>> deeming the pump as necessary for your medical care.  Part of your appeal
>> needs to include that the insurance personnel are practicing medicine
>> the benefit of a license and therefore are in SEVERE violation of the law.
>> This is common practice these days and the medical insurance industry has
>> gotten so FULL of themselves t hinking they can practice medicine like
>> We, the people.....sounds like a preamble I know...need to TAKE BACK from
>> these guys and put the responsibility back to the doctor and ourselves.

>>  Do include that you will contact a lawyer about malpractice being done on
>> the part of the insurance company if they decide to NOT fill this
>> prescription!!!  Hit them where it hurts the most...THEIR money grabbing
>> POCKETS...!!!  Good luck!<<

> I was told that since my insurance company has doctors on staff to review
> these claims, and they have licenses, they are not practicing medicine
> without licenses.  I know that these doctors have never seen the people
> are approving or not approving pumps for, but they still are licensed to
> practice medicine and you may or may not have a case here.

> RoseLea

Hmmm I too was wondering about this.  Maybe the person should request the
of the insurance "doctor" who turned down the claim and a copy of their
medical credentials.

Else you'll just have to assume it was some ignorant insurance admin who
processes requests
& other paperwork, who turned you down. Then I'd contact my lawyer.
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