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Re: [IP] what do u guys eat for sugar cravings?

Do you eat yogurt?  Publix has some great yogurt that is sweetened with 
nutrasweet and comes in flavors like banana cream pie, caramel, and other 
sweet deserts.  Not too many carbs and it's good for you.  If I'm craving 
chocolate, sugar free chocolate pudding works wonders.  Also, I know it 
sounds gross and is probably not too healthy, but you know those pillsbury 
packages of cookie dough that you just slice and stick in the oven to make 
cookies?  Well, if I make cookies with it I end upeating a ton, but if I 
just eat the dough, I take about a tablespoon, or the amount I would use for 
1 cookie, and eat it, and I actualy can't eat anymore.  It fixes my craving 
and I've only eaten the carb amount for 1 cookie instead of binging on a 
bunch.  One more thing, Eskimo Pie makes ice cram sandwiches and "crunch" 
covered ice cream on a stick that is good and sugar free.  It's especialy 
good in the summer.  I don't know who makes them, and I can only find them 
occasionally, but sugar-free fudge popsicles are good too.  Or sugar-free 
regular popsicles are also good on a hot day if I'm craving something sweet 
but not too sweet.  For salty, I eat sunflower seeds and popcorn and carrots 
with dip if I don't want a lot of carbs.  You know, sometimes I eat 
something sweet and all of a sudden I have a new craving for salty.  Good 
luck, and if you find any new craving-killers let me know!
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