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Re: [IP] starvation Ketones help...

Luke's had starvation ketones after a stomach flu kind
of thing, where he hadn't eaten for a day (this was on
MDI) due to vomiting.  His endo said that he needed
lots of fluids to flush out the ketones, but to make
the first few rounds of them w/ sugar - like Gatorade.

He also recently had ketones after a severe low on the
pump (after an over-correction of a high by us) and
his endo said to do the same thing, but this time we
still bolused for the drinks.

Sounds like it could be a combination of starvation
ketones and a little dehydration.  Kids in warm
weather need drinks fairly frequently.  Our 11 year
old son without diabetes gets into those non-hungry
phases too, and I push fluids on him every couple of

Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/5/01

Mag's msg:
My guess is that Matt is having starvation keytones
because the only thing he ate ALL day was a lite
yogurt with only 17 grams of carbs. It's now 6pm. He
is in this phase of not being hungry....it's hot, so i
didn't push it. My question is this.....are starvation
keytones common? And are they just as dangerous as
high blood sugar keytones?

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