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Re: [IP] QuickSet reconnection


What I mean is that I put my fingers on the edges of
the hard plastic bottom of the QuickSet (where the
cloth tape is attached) next to Luke's skin, so that
I'm holding it kind of down.  This is to stabilize the
bottom while only twisting the connecting ring on.  I
never pull up.  Nor have we had any problem with
twisting the site this way.  My husband does it too. 
Then we gently hang on to the edges of the connecting
ring, and if we have to squeeze in those little clips
slightly to get it to budge the last bit.  

My theory is that the attached part of the QuickSet
that goes into the bath/water/etc. absorbs some water
and expands slightly, while the connecting ring sits
at room temp and doesn't expand.  If it refuses to go,
we wait 5 minutes.  I think it equalizes the pieces
but I don't have any equipment to measure this.
Good luck!
Shelly V, Austin, TX, Luke's mom (he's 6, pumping

Original thread & Patrick's question:
> It can be a little tricky to get it to budge that
>last bit on reconnection.  I usually hold the bottom
>hub around the plastic while I do the final turn on
>the top.

Can you give some more details about how you hold the
bottom part to do this. Twisting the site off is a
problem I've worried about (but not had happen yet)
and I still have not found a good way to grip the parts.

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