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[IP] Waterproof case question from digest 198

For Shelly Van Dyke re the waterproof case.  
I just used the waterproof case for the first time yesterday.  What a fiasco, 
but in the end, a good fix for a little girl who is in and out of the pool 
all day.  My daughter is 5, and I knew from 1 trip to the beach that I 
couldn't leave her unhooked all day, nor did I want to hook up and rehook 
multiple times, as the site would be compromised.  Anyway, we ordered the 
sport guard, and got her set up.  I cried...it is so bulky and noticeable.  
I told her it was the plastic cover, or NO POOL, right from the start.  She 
agreed.  I deftly (NOT), and nimbly (NOT) put the pump into the sport case, 
and the STATIC alarm went off.  All the basal rates were wiped out.  Called 
MM, they walked me through it, we reset the basals, put it into the case, and 
the static alarm went off again! (alarm E13- of course, you can't reference 
this in MM's manual, since it isn't in there!).  Then, I had to bolus my 
daughter, and the remote bolus wouldn't work.  I tried to take the pump out 
of the sport guard, and couldn't get the rubber top off.  Thought I would 
break it.  HINT...use LOTS of vaseline on the rubber top when putting it on, 
that also improves the seal.  Finally, got PO'd that the remote bolus 
wouldn't work with the sport guard all day.  So I had to take the pump out 
while we were at the pool, and press the buttons just to give a bolus.
Called MM at home that night, and it turns out that the STATIC also wipes out 
your remote capablility, and that had to be reprogrammed.  The remote DOES 
work through the case.
The Good News: my daughter had a blast her first day at the pool, and the 
case worked great.  A few people stared, but they will eventually learn.  Her 
BGs were good, and I was the only one stressed out for the day.
I recommend it, if your kid complies.  Just set it up BEFORE running off to 
the pool.
allison, mom of Amanda, 5, dxd 12/98, pumping 2/01 MM508
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