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[IP] Interesting note on insurance companies and medical supply providers

I was going to a pharmacy to get my test strips so that they would bill my
insurance directly with no out of pocket expense to me.  After a few months
I was told by this provider that I could no longer have 250 test strips
because my insurance would only cover 200 (4 boxes of 50, by their
figuring).  After researching and talking to various representatives at the
insurance company, I was told that their limit was not on number of strips
per month, but number of boxes of strips per month.  I was told by one
representative at the insurance company to "just buy bigger boxes".  So, I
started buying the test strips myself and submitting receipts to my
insurance.  I just received a check for 300 strips (3 boxes of 100).  So, I
could have caved in and settled for only 200 strips per month had I listened
to that pharmacy.  What I do now is when I get a check I use it to buy
another supply of test strips, so now I have no out of pocket expense, only
did the first time.  Another interesting note, I can buy 300 test strips for
less money than what the pharmacy was billing my insurance for 250.

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