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Re: [IP] Keytones help...

On 9 Jun 2001, at 18:16, marge wrote:

> Ok list Matt's got a problem, well maybe not, but i needed to ask you
> all. Matt's numbers have been fine all day......he came in and said he
> was sick to his stomach, threw up. Had him check keytones, they were
> moderate. I changed his site, even though he was due. My guess is that
> Matt is having starvation keytones because the only thing he ate ALL
> day was a lite yogurt with only 17 grams of carbs. It's now 6pm. He is
> in this phase of not being hungry....it's hot, so i didn't push it. My
> question is this.....are starvation keytones common? And are they just
> as dangerous as high blood sugar keytones? 

AFAIK, starvation ketones could occur after going all day with only 
17g's of carbs and with a 12 year-olds metabolism, and AFAIK 
they aren't as dangerous.  But what about the heat?  I'm wondering 
if that was the cause of his illness?

And.....i thought it wasn't
> necessary to eat as long as numbers stay in range, meaning your basals
> are working......As always there is a hurdle we come across that we
> cannot jump alone......any ideas????  Thanks in advance. P>S> Matt ate
> and had lots of insulin to cover it, so i'm sure he'll be just
> fine...... Mag

Kids burn so much energy that I would be very reluctant to let him 
avoid food altogether.   I think us oldsters can get away with 
missing meals much easier than kids can. YMMV though.  ;>)

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