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Okay, my mind's been working overtime trying to figure out what the heck has 
happened to me in the last two weeks to make me fall apart like I have and 
become so depressed all of a sudden......and here's my question:
I'm SUPPOSED to take Mavik for my kidneys every day, but as usual, there are 
many days I forget to take it--well, forgot to.  I KNOW, bad me.....so 
anyway, I found one of my many pill container thingies with the days of the 
week on there and put my Mavik and Vit-B and folic acid in there cause I 
forget those sometimes too and then my Sam-e won't work and.... blah blah 
Anyway, it was about two weeks ago that I started to take the Mavik on a 
daily basis and it was right around that time I suddenly got SEVERELY 
depressed, almost suicidal (but never told anyone!)...
For the past three days, I have not taken the Mavik and I feel soooooo much 
better!  I got out of the house yesterday, something I haven't done in almost 
two weeks!  I got up a little earlier too!
So now that you have my life history, do any of you think this could be a 
correlation and/or have any of you EVER experienced anything like this from 
an ACE, etc???
Sorry for babbling.....I had to get it out--it's been a long time...LOL
Gina  :O)~
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